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Maintenance Page (>>>>Updated 05/29/03)

Wiring diagrams, Service Instructions for Lexus cars (PDF format only) (10/21/03)

DIY's: Read this first before attempting these Do it yourself projects
Do this at your own risk. The information showed here is for illustration only and may not be 100% complete.

Engine & Transmission
#01 DIY BM Racing Transmission Cooler
#02 DIY Cold Air Box (12/28/2001)
#03 DIY Engine oil  /  ATF Transmission Oil Change (Updated 1/16/2004)
#04 DIY Changing Differential Fluid (08/10/02)
#05 DIY New Intake box with Window (08/10/02)
#06 DIY Magnetic Oil Filter  (5/12/2002)
#07 DIY Complete Flush your transmission oil (11/01/02)
#08 DIY TB Coolant bypass (05/29/03)
#09 DIY RMM/Supra TT limited slip differential (04/21/03)
#10 DIY Replace sparkplugs (05/29/03)
#11 DIY Replace Engine Coolant (coming soon)

Brake & Suspension
#01 DIY Change Brake Pads and Paint brake calipers  (10/12/2002)
#02 DIY Remove/Replace brake rotors OEM or aftermarket (New 01/03/04)

#01 DIY Re-wire your brake light (6 light version) (11/2/02)
#02 DIY Disable in-dash brake warning light (11/10/2002)
#03 DIY Change brake/signal light (10/06/02)
#04 DIY Clear Taillights
#05 DIY Replacing parking light to Polarg M6 bulbs (12/28/2001)
#06 DIY Clear front signal and new front grill mess (remove front bumper) (9/24/02)
#07 DIY Clear Side marker (12/28/2001)
#08 DIY Spoiler installation  (11/9/02)
#09 DIY Disable Day Time Running light (3 min mod) (11/1/02)
#10 DIY override fog light switch (04/05/03)
#10 DIY LED Rear Brake Light Conversion (Coming soon)
#10 DIY LED 3rd brake light (inside car) conversion for non-spoiler equipted GS (Coming soon)

#01 DIY 5.25" 6.5" Polk Audio
#02 DIY Dual Alarm Setup (factory and aftermarket) (12/28/2001)
#03 DIY Remove back seat (5/12/2002)
#04 DIY Putting a DVD player in the armrest (5/12/2002)
#05 DIY TV mount (08/10/02)
#06 DIY Upgrade your stock stereo system (10/01/02)
#07 DIY Installing tweeters on rear doors (12/28/2001)
#08 DIY Clean your leather seats
#09 DIY make your own air filter for the AC and replacing battery of the remote control
#10 DIY Adding an aluminum bar in the trunk (10/21/2001)
#11 DIY Wood Steering wheel (01/4/03)
#12 DIY OEM NAV conversion on non navigation equipped GS (updated 10/21/03)
#13 DIY change out OEM alarm LED to a super bright one  (03/06/03)
#14 DIY open the instrument panel (03/08/03)
#15 DIY Navigation service menu (04/05/03)
#16 DIY Remove Radio/Cassette Head unit (07/10/03)
#17 DIY Remove Armrest and gearshift console (10/21/03)
#18 DIY Remove rear deck for replacement subwoofer (10/21/03)
#19 DIY Remove/Replace Navigation hard drive (NEW 1/2/04)

#01 DIY Hood lock (1/2/2002)
#02 DIY Tire wrench (08/10/02)

Tuning Info

Other Useful resources or websites

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Lexus (warranty, modz, TSB, LSD, tein,STB...) (updated 3/12/03)

General Technical Articles and Lexus Technical information (updated 1/26/03)

Huge Collection of technical info used on Toyota vehicles (must see)

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