Changing Differential Fluid
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Part needed:
2 quart of Differential oil (use ~1.8 qt)
10mm long hex wrench
Diff oil pump or filler (absolutely need this, I recommend the oil pump, cost around $6)
First timer took ~1hr for the whole job.

Lift the car up, set hand brake, and make sure you choke the wheel, I don't go into this detail, you should not this already everytime you work under the car, unless you can liff a 4000lbs car =)

Open the drain plug.
let it drains until it stops. Clean the drain bolt with some paper towel if needed

Open the re-fill nut also (it located right above the drain plug, a few inch away, right in the middle of the diff)

 Re-install the drain nut, make sure you secure it. Don't over torque the nut
Refill until oil still out of the re-fill hole, should be close to 2 quarts.

Re-install the re-fill nut. and you are done. Drive around. and recheck if there is any oil leak.
Done, I just have you $100, I do this every 30Kmile.

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