Instruction on how to change Engine oil on your Lexus

Engine oil: Mobil 1 Sync 5W-30 (5.5 quarts and Mobil 1 or Lexus filter)
Lexus Oil Filter (local Lexus part dept, $10) or Mobil 1 M1-102 Filter ($12)

I recommend to use Lexus Oil Filter only. Mobil 1 filter is a waste of money, compare to Lexus filter. See comparison under Tech Articles I personally switched to Amsoil Full Synthetic Oil 5W-30 and love it.

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Don't over-fill or under-fill your oil

I always check it when the engine is cold for engine oil level, or after change oil,

and check transmission oil level when the engine is warm and running (in park)

Only Transmission dipstick has dual level for Cold and Hot, NOT engine oil dipstick.

My advise:
Lexus book specified the refill capacity is 5.5 qt. So if you fill 5 or 5.5, you are in the safe zone (1 qt from L/F (4.5-5.5) level). (5qt get you right in between L and F line) You don't lose engine oil anyway, (unless your are leaking), then I would recommend stay away from the F level, anywhere in between L/F is fine. If you know that you are burning or losing oil, then fill them up in the high side, so when you lose a little bit of oil you are still in the safe zone.

Just check my oil level this morning (5 qt, right in the middle L/F) exactly where I expect it to be.

Also, I change oil every 5K WITH Filter change, using Mobil 1 Full Synthetic oil. You can get the 5 qt BIG container at Wal-Mart for Mobil 1 Full Sync 5W30 for a lot cheaper than buying a case of Mobil 1 at local auto parts.

Step 1:
Do this on a level surface
Set you parking brake and choke the wheel with wheel choke or any thing big so the car won't slide if the brake system fails.

Step 2:
Open the hood
Lift the car up, I use both 2 jacks, use a jack stand if you will be working under the car for long.
(you can also use the ramp (get them at local store), by car won't clear the ram, so I will skip this part)
See the jacking points, don't just jack the car up at any place.

Change Engine oil:
Step 3: Open the drain plug (16mm?? cant remember, could be 15mm, check it yourself), drain the old oil in the oil collector (dump the oil later at your local auto part store)

Reinstall the drainage bolt when you are done.

Put some newspaper around just in case you spill some oil

Step 4: After the oil is completely drained, remove the old oil filter which your favorite oil filter opener tool,
I just use a piece of sand paper and my bare hand to open it, but you can get the tool at your local store.
Notes: you have to remove a few bolts that hold the plastic cover under the car, so you can bend the plastic
cover down to get access to the filter. See pic below

Step 5: Coat the new oil filter gasket with new oil, this will ensure No leaking.
Install the oil filter, with your hand only. Do NOT use tool to secure it back. turn 3/4 more when the filter is firmly in place

Step 6: Re-fill the engine oil. 5.5-6 quarts (5.5qt max recommended by Lexus).

Start the engine, see if any leak of oil under the car. You are done. Check your oil level in 30 min if you want to be sure.


 Write down your miles to keep track and you are ready to go.

See my home made magnetic filter

Good Luck. Once you change oil on one car, you can change oil in any car.

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