Remove/Replace front disc rotor

Notes: If you experienced strong vibration on the steering wheel when apply the brake (35mph speed or higher) very likely your rotor is wrapped. In most case, you can just take the rotors to most local auto part store, they can resurface the rotors for you. If you have x-drilled or slotted rotor, you WILL have to find a local machine shop that can resurface this, Ordinary auto shop CAN NOT resurface x-drilled or slotted rotors. Thanks to JacobT on CL, I found a machine shop in Austin (A-Line Auto Parts at 1811 Rutland Dr, Austin)

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Impact gun if available
- 10mm screws (for factory rotor only)  (get it from your local autopart or Homedepot, see why below)


Step 1:
Lift the car up, remove the 2 front wheels
Step 2:
-Put the key in the ignition, turn the key to ON, this allow you to turn the steering wheel all the way to the right (if you are playing to remove the left rotor) and vice versa
Step 3:
Remove the 2 large bolts that hold the brake assembly, labed in picture

Step 4: Move the piston assembly to a safe place (rest it on something, see picture) Slide the rotor out. If the rotor is stuck, ie wont come out, due to rust, use a rubber hammer to hammer evenly on the inside of the rotor to force it out (for aftermarket rotor ONLY, don't damage the rotor)

 If you have factory OEM rotor, use 2 12mm bolts (or so) tighten the bolts into the 2 small holes on the rotor, this will force the rotor to come out.

Step 5: Bring the rotors to your local machine shop for resurface (if x-drilled and/or slotted rotor) or to most local autopart like Pepboys, Autozone etc. if you have OEM rotors In Austin, I have to take it to A-Line Auto Parts at 1811 Rutland Dr, Austin. There is a machine shop behind the Autopart that can resurface slotted rotors. Cost $40 for both.
Tip: before putting the rotor back, apply a thin coat of anti seize compound or high temp grease behind the rotor so it won't get rusted, save you some headache in the next time when you want to remove the rotor again =P
Step 6:
-Reinstall in the reverse order.
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