Complete Automatic transmission flush (This is NOT for Beginners)

(Written by BananaGS Ė )


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You can flush 2L of transmission oil out a few times (the next time your change engine oil) but if you want a complete flush done all at once.

Then, you can take it to the dealer and pay the big $$$ for it with Lexusís fancy equipment, or follow my instruction and send me some donation ;-)

Transmission oil capacity: 16L (check your user manual book to be sure), use Toyota ATF Type I-IV Only (cost $20/4L can), Plan to get a little more oil than needed to flush the whole system oil.

Need around 4 feet of clear plastic hose (3/8Ē dia) (get them at your local Autopart or Homedepot, cut in haft, 2ft each) and hose clams (2)


        Jack the car up or remove the front bumper is up to you. Not absolutely needed. (see DIY #20 on how to remove the bumper)

Basic Steps:

        Remove the plastic cover under your car.

        Remove your return transmission oil cooler line (connect from transmission to your radiator, if you already have an existing external trans oil cooler, just remove the inlet line from it) (basically, removing one transmission cooling line at the bottom of your radiator, if you car is stock)

        Extend the transmission cooler lines to the front/under of the car using the new transmission hoses (see diagram below)

        Put the outlet line to an empty container (to collect dirty oil) See my transmission line flow diagram


        Start the car for 2-4 seconds and observe the oil going through the hose (dirty oil)

        Place funnel in dipstick and refill trans with fresh oil (about the same about of the oil just pumped out)

        Start the car for 2-4 seconds AGAIN and observe the oil going through the hose (clean oil yet?)

        Repeat this procedure, until your see clean RED oil coming out of hose, (if your car is as new as mine, then you just need to guess the amount of oil going into the car vs the amount of oil that you flushed out (should be equal to the oil capacity specified in Lexus user manual. Cool?


        DONE, reconnect everything back, check the oil level, follow your user manual on how check the transmission oil level, add more oil if needed.

        Drive around for a few minute, recheck the oil level to be sure.

        You just save yourself a $$$$ (send it my way, hint hint)

        Donít forget the recycle your oil, any Autopart will have to take the oil back, itís the law.

 Pardon my free hand drawing