instruction on replacing the battery on the Lexus remote and replace the air filter


Ever wonder why Lexus air filter cost $30/each?

or you don't know that you have an air filter in your car?


Well, the air filter inside your glove compartment. Just pull the plastic cover out.

Pull the filter out.

Get a good home air filter get HomeDepot ($8 Hepa)

Cut out a corner like show in the picture. Insert the filter element back to the frame.

Just make sure the flow direction is the same (arrows on the lexus air filter and on the home air filter)

That is it. You can make at least 4 filters out of one home air filter.

Lexus will charge you around $15 to change a $3 battery for your remote (get that battery at your local drug store or Walmart)

You need a small Phillip screw driver (the type use on eyes glasses)

Just on open the bolts and replace the battery as shown

battery number is CR1616 3V