Removing front bumper to clear signal light and install new grill into RMM bumper.

Similar instruction apply to stock bumper also.

Est time: 2hrs to remove the bumper (1st time) ( a small hand and tools are needed)

    2.5 hrs to clear the signal light (considering this is require a lot of patient and time)

    30min: cut and install new grill

    1 hr: staring at the final result after reinstall everything back. =)

Cost: $4, 1 afternoon, drinks. that is it. 

Special thank to Edward Lujan (aka DevildogIs300) for faxing the instruction on how to remove the bumper to me.

Tool: 10 mm wrench, soldering ion, masking take, pliers, sheet metal scissor..

Grill: check HomeDepot. (cost me $4 for to redo all the grills)

Disconnect your battery.

Turn the wheel to 1 side, remove the bolt the hole the wheel well plastic cover, see pix.

Push the plastic wheel well cover to the side and remove the 3 10mm bolts holding the bumper in place. Marked in pictures below

You will need something thing like the tool in the picture to get access to the bolts

Turn the wheel and do the same thing for the other side. Then proceed to removing the rest of the bolts as indicated in the following pix

Just slide the bumper cover out.

Don't forget to remove the fog light and side marker harnesses before pull the bumper out completely.


Install new grill as showed.

Final pix of the grills.


Clear Signal light:

Remove the headlight (3 10 mm bolts) Make sure you disconnect all the light harnesses also.

Remove the signal light, use some masking tape to protect the side of the light socket from the hot soldering ion.

Use the soldering ion to cut the yellow lens inside and allow your to break it into pieces so your can remove, one by one.

You can use a cutting bit from a Dremel tool to cut the lens if you have them. The idea is to break the lens into small pieces so you can

remove them through the light hole.

take out one piece at a time, be patient.

Reinstall every back in the same order that you remove them.


Final result: wash the car and enjoy.