Just a few things you need to know before working on the car

  1. Make sure you read the Disclaimer of this site
  2. Know basic car electrical (www.eatel.net/~amptech/elecdisc/caraudio.htm)
  3. If you work with car electricity or close to the air bag, make sure you disconnect the battery for safety
  4. Common bolt sizes on Japanese cars are: 8,10,12,14mmm. You can open almost everything.
  5. If you going to work under the car, set the parking brake, have good support (jacks), wheel chokes and park on a level surface
  6. You can borrow lot of major tools from auto part store (Pebboys, Autozone, Hi/Lo), just ASK
  7. All major auto part store will RECYCLE your transmission/engine oil for FREE, they are required to take the old oil back by law.
  8. CO from exhaust gas can kill you. Make sure you don't have your car running in a closed garage

Most do and don't are common sense. But one forget or choose to ignore them. Just be careful.